About us

SomaFuture is a multidisciplinary studio focused on a global and complementary experience, with services in the Architecture, Construction and Real Estate sector.

Structured in departments designed to respond to the different phases of the project's life cycle, the company operates like a production chain, in which the departments cooperate and complement each other efficiently in developing innovative and optimized solutions.

Our Services

SomaFuture has an expanded scope in exploring different opportunities in the real estate sector, such as Acquisition, Development, Construction, Sales and Management.

This network of services was structured so that the company operates as a sustainable production chain, in which the departments cooperate and complement each other.



Real Estate

3D visualisation

Corporate Services

Insurance Mediation

Condominium Management

Ongoing Projects

Here is a selection of our current projects.
These projects are based on the development of a project as a whole, passing through the various internal departments.

This way, SomaFuture ensures facility to the client and high quality to the project.

CITTI Miraflores

Consisting of five residential buildings and one commercial building, Citti Miraflores combines the comfort and privacy of housing with the convenience and proximity of services.

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Ocean Garden

Rising above the sea is the Ocean Garden Condominium. The elevated position of these eight premium residences favours an optimal solar incidence and provides an imposing view over the ocean.

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The Caxias project demarcates its limits by its sculpted volume. Its shapes highlight the relevant areas for the experience of the different spaces and emphasise its relationship with the outside.

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Villa Colina Residences

Consisting of eight detached houses, Villa Colina Residences offers private terraces and a generous green area with swimming pool, creating a quiet and reserved environment.

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