Insurance Mediation

In partnership with Fidelidade, our insurance mediation team is focused on the protection and management of private and corporate clients and their assets located in Portugal.

Our clients can benefit from a wide range of personal and business insurance services, such as property insurance, health insurance, AL (local accommodation insurance) or credit insurance, among others.

Against All Risks of Construction (CAR)

An insurance that provides coverage for property damage and third-party injury or damage claims during construction. The two primary types of risks on architectural Projects. 

Workers' Compensation

Being one of the mandatory insurance for all companies, the workers’ compensation insurance will cover the medical costs and lost wages, for work-related injuries and illnesses.  

Multi-Risk Insurance for Businesses

Protect your company against any kind of damage that may affect your office’s, your merchandise, equipment and buildings with a coverage that will adapt to your business special needs.

General Liability Insurance

Another mandatory insurance in Portugal, this insurance helps protect your business from claims of bodily injury or property damage.


A new insurance made based on cybersecurity, and the new risks that arise from a more and more digital world for business. Protect your business and your client’s privacy with this new solution.


Choose the insurance that best suits your protection needs and get access to the largest private medical network at advantageous prices.


A home insurance policy that adapts to the concerns and protection needs of each client.

Rental Insurance (AL)

The solution for Local Lodging that provides protection that allows you to safeguard your assets in this activity.


The tailor-made auto insurance to protect you, your car, and third parties.

Life Credit

A life insurance policy for the protection of home loans, with various contracting options.