Real Estate

Our team of real estate agents employ their skills in all stages of the real estate business.

From market analysis to negotiation for acquisition, through planning and culminating in launch and commercialisation.

Real Estate Market Analysis

We ensure constant analysis and monitoring of this market in its trends, framing studies and analyses into a viable business plan.


With a strong analytical component and a constantly evolving database, we can identify the fluctuations of the real estate market, from the most subtle to the new trends that are beginning to take shape. The identification of targets thus becomes faster and more precise, opening up space to assess the viability of the business and what it requires.


We are concerned with the message transmitted, the communication channels used and the positioning and definition of the product. We manage to accurately and competitively position products on the market through:

  • Direct Sales (Stand)
  • Strategic marketing
  • Team Team
  • Marketing strategy
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Occupancy plan

The Citti Miraflores project is an excellent example of the work carried out by our team based on a solid commercial strategy, which resulted in the offer of apartments with distinguishing features.

The concept of the project is reflected in detail in the sales stand and model flat, which allow potential customers to get a deeper insight into the project. The sales results exceeded the projected sales objectives and reached more than 95% of the estimated sales.

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